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Published On: February 5th, 2020|0 Comments|3.2 min read|648 words|

When you’re running a startup, especially one that centers on technology, you almost always need to interact with customers from all over the world. The connectivity of today’s business world allows you to bridge the gap between different countries and different time zones, opening up your startup to more market penetration and revenue potential. But with international reach also come some common challenges.

One of these is the language barrier that can exist across borders, which can really hurt your ability to conduct meaningful work between two companies. When you’re looking to expand globally and eliminate this communication barrier from your business, it might be time to think about working with a multilingual BPO partner.

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Nuanced and Immediate Action when Needed

You might have all of your customer materials translated into the top languages your customers speak, but it’s impossible to do this with all the most common languages. As any startup leader knows, you rarely (if ever) have the time or funds to take on such a massive undertaking as churning out numerous translations. So what happens when a customer wants to engage with you, but is faced with a language barrier? This alone could cause you to lose out on the relationship and the revenue that could come with it.

Also, what happens if one of your existing customers has a problem with your product but has a different native tongue than your customer service team? This can be one of the most frustrating scenarios for a customer. Even if your customer service department can speak their language to a certain extent, a lack of total fluency can still be crippling. There are so many cultural and linguistic nuances that only native speakers would know, and missing these can result in miscommunication and an inability to serve the real need of the customer. This is why working with a BPO partner like Conectys that gives you customer service representatives who are native speakers of 35+ languages can be a major differentiator for your brand.

When the customer need arises, you can now loop in the appropriate support person to help them through the issue by way of a conversation in their own language. Or if there’s a prospect who wants to use your company’s products or services, but is hesitant to do so because they’re concerned you speak a language foreign to them, you can proactively overcome this objection. Now, by mentioning your ‘multilingual customer service’ on your website and sales materials, along with the number of languages your team can speak, you open the door for many more customers to work with you.

Better Global Connection

Startups that are looking to grow need to have the ability to add solid global customers, partners and allies – moving themselves from being on the map locally and regionally to being a true global player. You no longer have to settle for, or be limited to, connecting with only local contacts out of a fear of not being able to communicate or understand one another. You can now properly set the stage to grow and begin to market your company on a global scale.

Along with access to 35 languages, a multilingual customer support team (like what we offer at Conectys) can also provide context and insight into other cultures. This can go a long way in establishing a strong rapport between your company and others, leading to trust and customer retention. Having a BPO partner like that frees you up to choose partners without geographic or language-based limitations and gives you far more business opportunities as a result.

It’s time to relocate language barriers, and the limits they can place on your startup, to your rearview mirror. Contact us to learn more about our outsourcing and customer service solutions, and get started taking your company to the next, truly global level.

Conectys Global BPO
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