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Artificial intelligence (A.I.). Natural language processing (NLP). Machine Learning.

Chatbots. You can’t read the news without hearing about a new application for these tech tools, and none of us can escape the reality that automation and machines have a definite, large role in current and future businesses. It’s been reported that 80% of businesses surveyed already have some form of AI products in production in their organization, and that number will surely grow.

It used to be, when the Internet age and early-stage technology was really gaining steam, that technology was used to help us and streamline our daily lives. Early adopters were always ahead of the curve, and then others followed suit and soon the new tech was part of our daily lives. This is still the case, but there’s been a paradigm shift in nearly every industry: we, the humans, are now in roles that support our tech (and the processes they drive). We are playing the supporting role; technology is playing the lead.

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Yet, despite this sweeping shift, we still need human beings in our businesses.

For example, a study found that even if a chatbot is technically capable of answering a question or request, 42% of us still would rather speak to a person. This muddies the waters a bit, and should give all of us in business pause. How do we seize the technological advancements of today, use them to their maximum benefit, but still keep human beings in the roles where they will shine brighter?

Part of the value we give our clients at Conectys is data-driven insight into how to make these tough calls. We help customers in a variety of industries understand when incorporating and relying on technology will serve them best, when it’s better to have a person handling a certain process or task – and when it’s ideal to lean on both. Every day, we’re preparing our clients for the massive changes that these new technologies are bringing so they can stay technologically adept while not doing so carelessly or sacrificing customer experience.

This can be a tricky tightrope to walk, however it is not a journey you have to take alone. We have proven experience partnering with our clients as they navigate the world of AI products, machine learning jobs and automation, and we have the right expertise to make it work. As we stay in the the loop, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop about how trends and advancements will affect the industry.

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