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Published On: June 23rd, 2016|4 min read|

We launched ConectysOS 2.0, a major redesign of our proprietary, private cloud-hosted Customer Engagement and Analytics automation platform, and have implemented it with all of Conectys’ global clients.

There are several key takeaways from this journey and we will share them with you below, going more in depth with real-world examples of what the impact of automation was on our client’s bottom line.

1. Real-time Customer Engagement Measurement is A Game Changer

One of the key benefits achieved through ConectysOS was the automation of Customer Satisfaction surveys (Net Promoter Score, First Contact Resolution and Customer Effort Score). Each customer interaction being tracked in ConectysOS, for traditional metrics (time, duration, reason, etc.) and linked to critical feedback provided by consumers in the form of NPS, CES and FCR.

Along with the real-time measurement and reporting of service levels, and collaborative quality assurance programs, ConectysOS enabled agile product strategies for our clients, driven by insights directly from consumers.

The level of unprecedented transparency allowed one of our clients, a leading designer and manufacturer of sports precision wearables, to see their NPS go over 50 points, while doubling their revenue. Moreover, we registered a lowered Customer Effort Score, under 2.02, and a Quality Score that reached over 90%, consistently.

One of the key improvements is the real-time global view of customer journey and engagement data. This offers an immediate understanding of how customer engagement was impacted by changes in processes and marketing. It also takes the guess-work out of how customer behavior changes in the future, since companies can now analyze these shifts as they happen and make accurate predictions over time.

2. Automation Shifts Focus to Outcome-Driven Partnerships

A partnered-approach is paramount in today’s business landscape, in which transparency is vital. The level of transparency offered to our clients through ConectysOS, including 24/7 web-based access to customer insights from any location or device, real-time SLA notifications, as well as real-time NPS, FCR and CES, has set the basis for a new level of trust.

With real-time customer intelligence data feeds, clients have a solid understanding of how they can improve processes and product strategies. In addition, ConectysOS integration with client systems or third party CRMs (e.g., Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Freshdesk, vTiger, etc.) enabled a holistic, omnichannel view of the customer journey without the need of new systems.

Through this outcome-centered design, our clients have access to actionable intelligence in real time, thus allowing operations and product teams to make informed changes where necessary. Automation has, therefore, enabled outcome-driven, gain-share partnerships, aligned to our vision: succeeding through our customer’s success.

3. Automation Translates Into Lower Costs

The holy grail of outsourcing and the biggest reason for which most companies choose to outsource their customer service needs.

Automation of customer insights (NPS, CES, and FCR) allowed us to decrease the expenses that came with manual consumer satisfaction data collection and increase accuracy. It also drove enhancement of self-service portals and consolidated knowledge bases, which resulted in a reduced volume of contacts (by ~ 15%) and improved AHT (average handling time). In other words, a lower reporting overhead, less manual labor for customer satisfaction surveys, improved self-service capabilities, and focused training sessions, resulted in a lower cost of service for our clients.

In addition, it has increased end customer loyalty as critical insights from customers were translated into actions in a matter of hours compared to weeks and months in the traditional Customer Engagement models.

4. Upskilled Work-Force Opportunities

Automation of manual work (data collection, reporting, contact sampling, etc.) created opportunities to move employees away from time-consuming, tedious tasks, to higher-value processes. This shift onto deeper specialization allows for a stronger focus on data intelligence and proactive customer retention programs that build brand advocates.

In addition, the granular consumer feedback down to individual team members and reasons for contact, allows for surgical precision in staff coaching, improved training and recruitment processes, on both our, as well as our clients’ side.

5. Set for the future

The real-time critical customer engagement insights reporting and omnichannel customer journey mapping through ConectysOS, has taken Conectys one step closer to its Business Process as Service goals. It allowed us to deploy the Conectys Automation Framework, redesign our recruitment and training programs, and set the foundation for collaborative, outcome-centered automation projects, in tandem with our clients.

Conectys is therefore ideally positioned to disrupt traditional outsourcing models through automation, ultimately shifting from a Business Process Outsourcing vendor to a Knowledge Process Outsourcing partner.

Automation allows for an efficient, tailored customer service, while lowering costs and increasing the productivity of customer support agents – since they will have all the necessary information at their fingertips, errors and miscommunication will be a thing of the past.

By finding the right partner to go on this journey with, your business will reap all the benefits successful automation has to offer.

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