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Published On: December 20th, 2019|2.5 min read|

In November of 2018, we began operations in a new site in Poznan, Poland. Just over six months later, our customers have felt the positive impact of this new location – and it’s thriving. We’ve found that outsourcing in Poland is ideal for a number of reasons. If you’ve thought about doing business in Poland or using our BPO services there, here are a few facts about our Poland site that you may not know. 

  • Our team is highly talented, multilingual and well-educated.

One of the main reasons we initially chose Poland was for its labor pool (among 1.4 million residents). In addition to having raw – and developed – talent, our employees in Poland have great language skills diversity. Almost all speak both English and Polish, and many of them are fluent in other languages as well, including French, German, Turkish, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Danish and Norwegian.
Furthermore, Poland has a developed school educational system and also provides free university education, state-funded social security, and a universal health care system for all citizens. These reasons, and its 25+ universities, attract high-quality students from nearby countries as well as within and make doing business in Poland so beneficial.

  • The location is optimal.

We love our Poznan location because of our team first and foremost, but it’s also geographically advantageous thanks to being in the EU has an extensive transportation system. It’s also proximal to Germany, directly connected to international airports and mature telecom and real-estate infrastructure. Being so close to Germany provides the additional advantage of access to German language speakers. The German language can be hard to source and is in high demand, so this location helps us tap into top tier German support for our customers.

  • We’ve exceeded our growth goals.

When we first opened this location, we were laser-focused on our client’s goal and making sure the rest of what we built aligned accordingly. We’ve had great success opening brand new sites in new locations, like this one, because of our deep experience and understanding of a variety of markets. In Poland, like in our other locations, we were able to recruit agents, set up technology, comply with local laws, real estate and beyond, all while implementing client projects and meeting growth demands with no disruption to quality. We’re very proud of this, and the team we have in place.
We hired 50 employees initially, and within the last week, we broke the 100 employee milestone. In a few months, we’re going to be moving into a brand new site that can host over 300 employees since our internal growth is continuing to hold strong.

There are a lot of aspects about Poland to love, and we’re excited to keep seeing our site – and our customers – flourish. Oh, and we’re still hiring. Check out our available positions here, or contact us any time to learn more about our BPO services.

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