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Published On: January 8th, 2016|Tags: |2 min read|

BPOs are no different when it comes to planning and optimizing their outsourcing solutions to better suit client needs and end-customer expectations.

How to improve quality in BPO?

As we began 2016, businesses are in the last stages of setting up their annual strategies, fine-tuning with a mind to improve their service offering and customer-facing operations.

The tight race for ground-breaking projects and skilled resources will see the following outsourcing trends emerge and take hold of the industry throughout 2016.

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BPO Outsourcing Trends – 3 Ideas

Business Process as a Service

Companies with a BPaaS setup, or at the very least an interest in the as-a-Service Economy, are the most likely to get the big fish in 2016. The concept of Business Process as a Service blends automated processes with cloud-based technology and an outcome-focused delivery model. With less repetitive, manual work and more accessible plug-and-play deployment options, both clients and providers will be able to expand their business, drive quality improvements and, ultimately, improve customer retention.

Insights-driven partnerships

Reporting discipline and transparency aided by automation software will create the ultimate outsourcing partnerships – collaborations based on the open, real-time sharing of data, from productivity levels to, perhaps most importantly, customer satisfaction scores. By sharing live customer feedback with client Product Research and Development teams, outsourcing providers enable their clients to access product-specific customer insights and adapt to customer demands, reduce their reaction speed and take development decisions that can make or break businesses. The secret lies in transparent communication, also known as “opening the kimono”.

Shared risk, shared success

One aspect that will shake up the outsourcing industry this year is the concept of sharing risks with their clients. A mostly conservative industry, outsourcing needs to reassess its priorities and muster the courage to let go of comfortable and profitable legacy models and cannibalize short-term revenue in order to invest in innovative projects, cutting-edge technology, and a superior workforce. Sharing risks and victories will bring providers and buyers closer, focusing them on the real targets of their activity – end customers. It will also offer BPO companies the chance to move beyond executing black-box solutions and toward becoming co-source.

2016 is the year of bold outsourcing companies and forward-thinking partnerships. Only companies that can see beyond their immediate needs and plans will succeed in creating long-lasting, market-changing collaborations and solutions.

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