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What is Customer Experience Management (CXM)?

Customer experience management (CXM) is the field of understanding customers and emplacing strategies to affect customer percipience about a business. CXM done properly echoes in improved customer contentment, advocacy, and affection. CXM comprises of processes like customer communication management (CCM), archiving, and customer journey management (CJM) considered to fine-tune the customer experience.  Why customer experience management is important? What is its positive impact to business performance? A happy client [...]

August 11th, 2022|Tags: |

How to Create a Customer Experience Strategy?

Although the process of creating a customer experience (CX) strategy isn’t a piece of cake, the juice is worth the squeeze. According to numerous research, buyers are willing to pay more for products or services if they get a service meeting their expectations. How to create a customer experience strategy and why is it so important? What is a customer experience strategy? In simple terms, a customer experience strategy [...]

June 3rd, 2022|Tags: |

How to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

The importance of customer experience is growing year by year, as an increasing number of buyers are willing to pay for products more, provided they get outstanding and efficient customer service. Are you wondering how to gain a competitive edge over your market rivals in this field? Keep reading to find out how to create a memorable experience for the customer! 5 tips on how to create a memorable [...]

May 27th, 2022|Tags: |

What Are the Drivers of Digital Transformation?

An increasing number of businesses decide to undergo digital transformation. The use of artificial intelligence, and machine learning allow companies to automate non-routine tasks, increase their operational efficiency, and use data analytics to make more accurate business decisions, so the juice is certainly worth the squeeze. What are the drivers of digital transformation? Read our article to learn more! Digital transformation - what is it? Digital transformation is the [...]

May 24th, 2022|Tags: |

What Does Retail Customer Service Experience Mean?

The importance of customer service is constantly growing in numerous industries, including retail. Companies that strive to stay on the cutting edge have to invest in advanced solutions that allow them to operate effectively and efficiently, while providing buyers with services and products meeting their expectations. What does retail customer service experience mean and what should you do to improve it? Retail customer service experience - meaning So, what [...]

May 22nd, 2022|Tags: |

One or multiple vendors for customer experience outsourcing: what suits your company best

The idea of companies using multiple vendors for customer experience (CX) or content moderation efforts is not new – some companies, especially larger ones, have been using multiple vendors for over a decade by now. However, in the last few years, you’re increasingly seeing this model as the norm. It’s usually only about 3-5 vendors that a company will select for a CX project; we’re not talking about 20+ [...]

May 11th, 2022|Tags: |

How Are Digital Technologies Transforming Markets

Companies that want to be successful in today’s market should make digital transformation their utmost priority. Integrating modern technology into all business areas and processes can effectively modify the principles of operation of your company and bring new value to the customers. So, how are digital technologies transforming markets, and why is it so important to constantly experiment, challenge the status quo, and monitor your market competitors? Keep reading [...]

May 4th, 2022|Tags: |

How to Improve Online Customer Experience?

If you want to make your eCommerce more profitable and competitive, you need to provide potential customers with outstanding services meeting their expectations. What is eCommerce customer experience, and how can you improve it? Keep reading to discover 8 effective methods! What is online customer experience? In a nutshell, online customer experience denotes how your customers perceive your company, its activities, and its effectiveness. Online businesses with high CX [...]

February 15th, 2022|Tags: |

How to Create Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation is cutting-edge software that makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks and processes within an organization. In recent years, it’s been gaining increasing popularity among entrepreneurs who aim to expand and digitalize their businesses. What steps to follow when creating robotic process automation? Keep reading to discover answers to these and other questions! What is robotic process automation? In a nutshell, robotic process automation (RPA) is [...]

January 18th, 2022|Tags: |

How Does Robotic Process Automation Work?

Robotic process automation is a solution more and more frequently adopted by various companies around the globe that want to refine their strategies and automate activities in order to be more efficient and productive. How does robotic process automation work? Keep reading to discover answers to these and other questions! Robotic process automation - what is it? In simple words, robotic process automation (RPA) is a cutting-edge solution that [...]

January 14th, 2022|Tags: |

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