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The next wave of the hospitality industry

In mid-April 2021, CBS Sunday Morning produced an entire 90-minute episode on “The Future of Travel,” a topic very much on people’s minds these days as vaccinations begin to scale up in certain parts of the world. One [...]

May 27th, 2021|

How do you identify and vet expertise?

This varies by industry and organization, to some extent, but for our world, let’s say you need an expert in customer experience. The approaches would typically be: Talk to others in your space Talk to former colleagues Talk [...]

April 12th, 2021|

The current state of expertise

In the past year, we’ve definitely had a lot of expertise in the world on various important topics: vaccinations, epidemiology in general, working from home, macroeconomics, diversity, and more. The problem has become: are people actually respecting and listening to [...]

April 1st, 2021|
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