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Should you build your own chatbot?

October 20th, 2020|

You theoretically could, although without a proper development background, it’s very likely to be a long, time-consuming, potentially-frustrating process. There are tutorials online to guide you, but typically a better approach is a third-party, outsourced chatbot solution.At Conectys, [...]

Where do chatbots have the biggest impact?

October 15th, 2020|

Let’s get deeper into their potential impact. In our last blog, we talked about the humble beginnings of chatbots. Where we see chatbots most, and their impact One of the major areas you initially saw chatbots scale [...]

The humble beginnings of chatbots

October 12th, 2020|

Don’t worry, we’ll keep this a bit short, but it’s important to nerd out and know the basics and the arc of what happened with chatbots. The first-ever chatbot, presumably, was developed in 1966 at MIT by a professor named Joseph [...]

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

September 30th, 2020|

We are at the dawn of what some analysts call “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” The World Economic Forum has defined this as different from The Third Industrial Revolution -- that’s what many people believe we are currently in -- because of [...]

The mutating outsourcing contract

September 4th, 2020|

Outsourcing buyers are looking to gain access to some of the advantages of outsourcing in a more accentuated and formalized format: through the contract. Let's talk solutions! Some of the trends we are [...]

Outsourced CX and UGC Moderation insights

Outsourced CX and UGC Moderation insights

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