When will people be returning to offices, globally

A guide on when to return employees to physical work locations

There are a lot of different factors in this discussion, including:

  • The COVID infection rate of markets you operate in
  • Vaccination rate
  • New strains
  • How your employees feel
  • How clients and partners feel
  • What industry (or industries) do you work within
  • The effectiveness of your physical security and digital security
  • Your real estate costs
  • Your investors’ approach
  • Your overall value proposition
  • Your current revenue and cost position

It’s a lot to take into account. You want to make sure that employees are safe, but also that proprietary client information is safe. You want to please clients and investors but also not expose yourself to unnecessary real estate costs. You want to make sure that all regulations of different industries are met with full compliance.

There is a lot to consider.

This white paper is a guide to some of the ideas and questions you should work through, including WFH models and hybrid models of work in 2021 and beyond.