Digital Experience definition

A somewhat-overused term, “digital transformation” refers to becoming a digital-first organization as opposed to a paper-based, on-premise org. A lot of times, the main way that a company becomes “digital-first” is by moving key assets to the cloud, away from on-premise, i.e. filing cabinets in the office. The cloud is obviously a huge step and a big start, but the digital transformation has numerous other steps, mostly about changing the culture and how people communicate and share crucial assets. Some of the biggest movements in digital transformation these days include automated suites, Robotic Process Automation, chatbots, and more — with the idea being that customers can get a great experience and the brand can save time by using advanced technologies, natural language processing, machine learning, and scripts. All this means you work less on tasks and more on bigger projects (good), and customers quickly get what they want (good), and both sides win.

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