A guide for Customer Experience for Retail

Featuring a look at how Conectys can help your brand.

Increasingly, especially as COVID continues, it looks like the future of retail brands is about five key concepts:

  • Double down on digital,
  • Inject innovation into omnichannel
  • Transform store operations
  • Reimagine the physical network
  • Embrace an agile operating model

Depending on where you are with digital transformation, cloud, SEO, load speed, marketing efforts, RPA, chatbots, back-of-house automation, and more … some of these five concepts can be pretty hard for your brand. Other brands are more advanced. The goal is to achieve global scale and ensure that any partners you bring into the fold add value. If you decide to outsource some of your CX, as many brands do, you want to make sure those agents are capable of up-selling, cross-selling, and also dealing with customer concerns, new queries, and returns of products if necessary. You want to make sure the systems work with your systems, and that there’s a good reporting structure for SLAs and KPIs. In short: you want a trusted partner who can help you grow and scale your retail business, whether it’s e-commerce-driven or mostly physical.

Conectys can be that partner. Look at this white paper for more information and context about our capabilities.