Why Philippines Trump India for Outsourcing

We offer English, Japanese, and Chinese support, as well as workforce management (WFM) and other processes, in our Philippines-based centers.

Elevate Your Outsourcing: Choose the Philippines over India

Discover why the Philippines outshines India as the go-to hub for Customer Experience and Trust & Safety outsourcing services.

Superior English Proficiency

Filipino agents are renowned for their neutral accents and high English fluency, making them easier to understand for Western customers.

Cultural Affinity

With a strong Western influence, Filipinos have a better grasp of American and British culture, leading to more natural customer interactions.

Excellence in Voice-based Services

The Philippines excels in delivering top-notch voice support, which is crucial for CX and trust & safety roles.

Robust BPO Industry

As the world's call centre capital since 2010, the Philippines boasts a mature outsourcing ecosystem with government support and specialised training programmes.

Time Zone Advantage

The Philippines is closer to Western markets, facilitating better communication and collaboration.


We choose customer support locations based on speed to market, language and cultural compatibility, and cost optimization. That requires a large talent pool, language strength, and a best-share model for cost efficiencies.

The Philippines has been a customer support hub for generations, and it continues to provide an optimal mix of cost, value, and language proficiency for our clients who route services through our two Philippines locations.