Why Colombia Trumps Brazil for Outsourcing

Colombia is gaining prominence as a key outsourcing destination for its thriving tech sector and strategic location for the US and Canadian markets.

Why Colombia Outshines Brazil as an Outsourcing Destination

For companies seeking the optimal nearshore location for customer experience services, Colombia consistently outperforms Brazil across these critical factors.

Competitive Labour Costs

While labour costs in Brazil can be higher, Colombia provides competitive rates for skilled IT professionals, making it a better option for cost-conscious companies.

Favourable Time Zone

Colombia shares a time zone with most of the eastern US, facilitating efficient communication and work synchronization, while Brazil is two hours ahead of EST.

Strong Cultural Compatibility

Colombian professionals are known for their strong work ethic, adaptability, and ability to collaborate effectively across borders, ensuring a better cultural fit with US clients compared to Brazil.


The establishment of Conectys' office in Cali highlights the importance of the business process outsourcing industry as a key driver of economic growth in Colombia.

The country ranked 1st in the 2021 BPO Confidence Index by Ryan Strategic Advisory, exceeding countries such as India, South Africa, Mexico, and El Salvador, on infrastructure, talent scalability, and recruitment and staffing of Spanish and bilingual teams.