Read this workbook to understand why these 33 questions are important and use the tear sheets at the end to keep track of discussions.

The most successful outsourcing collaborations are those where the client and the provider are fully aligned and propelled by the same goals. It takes open and honest communication to achieve the required level of understanding, both from a business and from a cultural standpoint. Because of that, the outsourcing provider selection process can be time-consuming, but it pays off tenfold in the long term.

Everything, from the overall strategy down to the smallest technical detail, needs to be analyzed before you settle on a provider and the service package they offer. You need to help potential partners understand your needs first, and then
compare their experience and capabilities against a clear set of criteria.

Asking the right questions is paramount to the success of the process. That is why we have put together a workbook explaining the 33 aspects you should discuss with any prospective Business Process Outsourcing partner.

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