How to use CX, contact centers, and back-of-house automation to grow your business in 2022

Customer experience and support are typically the main focus of a chatbot.

Most people would answer this question with some mix of productivity, profit, innovation, sustainability long-term, and consistent, repeatable growth, market share, and scale. Obviously, there are only a few thousand companies in human history that have achieved a majority of these elements — and most did so because of strong hiring processes, great products, solid messaging, the vision of the founders, the execution of the team, a focus on the right priorities, and partnerships. No one does any of this alone. Look at the biggest, greatest companies to ever dominate our week-to-week lives. They all did it with partnerships: vendors, software providers, agents, franchises, etc.

You can globally scale and contain costs by investing in partnerships; otherwise, why would anyone do it? No one will enter into a partnership that will cost them more than they make, and no one will enter into dynamics where scale is reduced.

If you’re investing in partnerships in 2021-2022 and beyond, what do you need to be thinking about? We want to help you get to efficiency, insight, scale, speed, and share (with a focus on reducing costs).