A mix of research and personal experience on growing from conflict.

All teams face conflict and disruption. So do all organizations. It’s one of the only constants in business, actually. When it happens, how do you deal with it at a team level? What about at an organizational level? This is a field guide, based on research and Conectys’ own experiences, on dealing with conflict, disruption, and change.

COVID has only made this more pronounced. There are so many challenges around employees and clients and customers, and some companies (and industries) are thriving while others are struggling. The psychological side of work, where conflict and disruption reside, has become equally important to the core business lines.

How can teams manage conflict and disruption better, during COVID and beyond?

Here, we look at psychological safety, the need for decisiveness, and break it down by user-generated content and customer experience-related industries to help fix some of the issues around conflict and disruption in global teams.

Think about this: what happens when communities lose a sense of psychological safety? In short: people leave the communities. Who wants to post about their life and their viewpoints in a forum where they don’t feel safe? Safety and speed are the two most essential things that an outsourced UGC moderator can provide. Without those elements, there’s no community. Without immediate conflict management, there’s no long-term community. This is increasingly relevant right now because many have extra time on their hands. Without the right moderators, you will have lots of conflict on your platforms. With conflict, in this case, comes revenue loss — and it extrapolates quickly. As users leave your platform, others leave behind them because the conversations and content are less robust. Not good.

Our goal is to help you manage both client and employee relationships better, in stressful times and in better economic times, by understanding both the science and the business execution of core relationships.

And now: a field guide on managing conflict and disruption in global teams.

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