How to achieve scale and affordability Part II

How to achieve scale and affordability in content moderation

One of the biggest logistical questions about content moderation over the last five years has been: “How much should be technology, especially AI, and how much should be human?” At Conectys, we’ve gone over this question with dozens of clients and written a few papers addressing it, including a 2021 guide to content moderation and a paper guiding you to what you need from an outsourcing partner.

In short, our view at Conectys is that content moderation can be very nuanced, and it needs to be a mix of human agents and technology, be that more advanced AI or a basic keyword scraper. AI and machine learning advance every day — a good thing! — but they’re not “there yet” in terms of everything you would need to moderate, and they’re definitely not “there yet” in terms of cultural nuance. The best play for the moment, and probably for the next decade, is a mix of tech and human. That might change based on technological advancements or the rise of the metaverse, but for now, tech + human is the best approach to content moderation.

This paper is about where things stand with AI and content moderation as 2022 begins, what you should know, and what questions you need to be asking at your organization.