How should Customer Support interact with Sales, Product, and Marketing teams?

In many organizations, customer support is business-critical, but viewed as a cost center and not involved with more strategic, revenue-tied decisions.


Customer support teams are talking to customers constantly. They come to know a lot about your products, how people use them, your sales strategies, your marketing campaigns, what people think about the brand, what they respond to, etc.

So while it can remain a cost center on balance sheets, it absolutely needs to be a strategic partner in execution. It has too much crucial information about customer interactions and beliefs to be dismissed as anything other than an invaluable aspect of scaling.

We have a different take on integrating customer support and we’ve seen it work hundreds of times.

At Conectys, a company often brings us in as a customer experience partner and in that scope, we regularly interact with the product, sales, and marketing teams. Daily/weekly. We tell them what we’ve seen, observed, and captured. (an often repeated line in our company: “Everything we hear, you hear!”)

A deeper connection between customer support and other silos makes the company’s goals and efforts more achievable and adds value to the process they didn’t set out to create.

Download our guide to breaking down silos between customer support, marketing teams, and other core business functions.