A guide to global expansion for high-growth APAC companies

If your business is in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, chances are your sales are booming.

Companies of all sizes and stages, from startups to well established brands, have experienced significant growth in recent years. And why not? With a rapidly expanding middle and upper class and tech-savvy population, APAC is primed to fuel the type of hyper growth companies yearn for.

But for those companies looking to expand beyond APAC, what’s next? Regardless of its market potential, there’s an inherent ceiling when focused on a single region. Whether you feel you’ve topped out or just want to accelerate growth by replicating success in additional global markets, you have some serious decisions to make. Regardless of your past experience or success in expanding beyond APAC, it’s natural to have some reluctance or concerns about heading down that path.

The world has experienced enormous economic expansion in every corner of the globe, with each region offering unique opportunities and markets. We’ve worked with, and guided many APAC-based companies as they pursued expansion plans targeting Europe, the United States and more. As a result, we’ve seen firsthand the tremendous growth.