24/7 Remote Infrastructure Management

Outsourced RIM services monitor your IT Infrastructure. In case of issues, incidents, patches or upgrades that can be handled remotely, we will also intervene directly on your systems and apply fixes, restart services apply patches and manage or upgrade software services and components.

This offering does not replace your own IT staff, rather it complements your staff by adding 24/7 intervention for critical issues and by offloading your staff from routine interventions.

24/7 RIM offers all of the 24/7 NOC services, enriched by management and interventions on your systems according to pre agreed procedures and along access rights you feel comfortable handing over to Conectys.

24 7 RIM services

How It Works?

We monitor and manage your own infrastructure, or the infrastructure provider to whom you have outsourced, including cloud infrastructure vendors such as Amazon with its S3 suite.

When a system or a service goes down or exceeds certain operational parameters that you have defined, we kick into action and start resolving the issues. If agreed procedures and interventions don't result in a fix, we will start contacting your organisation in line with escalation guidelines defined with you.

How It Helps You?

Our 24/7 RIM service is a monitoring and "hand on" solution. If you prefer a monitoring only solution without direct interventions on your systems, you can opt for our 24/7 Network Operations Center solution, which is a subset of our 24/7 RIM services.

Approved interventions for agreed incident types (service restarts, troubleshooting, etc.)
Patch Management
Create and provide Thread Dumps
Antivirus Updates
Proactive Maintenance Routines
Integration of non-standard Application

NOC RIM engineer