24/7 Network Operations Center

NOC services monitor your IT Infrastructure, from metal to software services and network connectivity, round the clock using leading monitoring tools and backed by highly trained NOC Engineers who keep a finger on the pulse of your mission critical systems non stop.

We monitor your own infrastructure, or the infrastructure provider to whom you have outsourced, including cloud infrastructure vendors such as Amazon with its S3 suite.

When a system or a service goes down or exceeds certain operational parameters that you have defined, we kick into action and start contacting your organisation in line with escalation procedures defined with you.

24x7 Network Operations Center Service include:

Monitoring and checks

Monitoring of CPU utilization, Memory Utilization, Disk Space, Network Interface Load, etc.
Monitoring of your critical service such as web servers, mail servers, file servers, web services, processes, etc.
Regular proactive manual checks
Antivirus and Spyware alert monitoring
Patch Alerts for your builds

Alerts and escalations

Triage of alerts and incidents according to pre agreed severity level criteria
Escalation via Ticket / Email / SMS / Phone Call based Escalation Matrix
Suggested Solutions for Escalated issues


Reporting and Monthly review call with report of incidents in the past month, changes and updates, SLA adherence, recommendations.

NOC outsourcing services

Our 24/7 NOC service is a monitoring and reporting only "hands off" solution. If you need our Engineers to intervene for certain types of incidents, you can choose our Remote Infrastructure Management solution, which are a superset of our 24/7 NOC services.