Data Cleansing and Validation Services

Once your documents or media have been captured and digitized, you face the challenge of cleaning up, enriching and validating the digitized data. And it all needs to happen in the specific language your data set is.

We leverage Work from Home teams with on-site interviewers from our centers in EMEA (Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Belgium), APAC (Philippines, Taiwan) and the AMERICAS (the U.S.), to provide you with global data cleansing and validation solutions in over 35 languages and with the utmost care for your data accuracy.


What We Do

Remove typographical errors

Enrichment of data through multilingual online research, phone research, database consolidation, data source aggregation

Add missing data

Correction values or fields based on rules and ranges

Data harmonization (E.g., post codes, etc.)

Data standardization (unique values)