Instead of losing sleep over trolls, why not keep them away from your fans for good? The online world is full of people driven by the best intentions. They are the ones you want to protect from trolls, bullies and naysayers. But automated spam filters alone can only help so much.

For the most accurate and culturally-sensitive UGC moderation solutions, the smart mix of human touch and machine speed is of the essence. By screening comments, posts, reviews, discussions and all other types of written online communication on your official channels, our outsourced teams of multilingual moderators guarantee consistent brand and user protection.

Here are some of our award-winning online moderation services.

Comment Moderation

Websites and blogs that feature ungated interactions with readers are always in need of professional content moderation in order to remove dangerous content and foster an atmosphere of collaboration.

Conectys moderation specialists screen user comments on dedicated brand pages and blogs to make sure they meet posting policies, and address those that do not according to the established guidelines.

Outsourced comment moderation can be handled at different stages:

Pre-moderation - new comments are placed in a queue awaiting moderation before publication.
Post-moderation – comments are displayed immediately and replicated in a moderation queue for a pass/remove check at a later time.
Reactive moderation – inappropriate comments are flagged for removal by other users, easily scalable as the fan base grows.

Review Moderation

Our teams of outsourced moderation specialists will help you maintain a pristine reputation by ensuring the quality and authenticity of user reviews.

We act upon questionable content, removing profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language, promotional material and content that does not add value to your customers.

In-Game Chat Moderation

Every minute, hundreds of messages are exchanged in in-game live chats or IM platforms. The level of prowess, cultural differences and the volatility of human nature can sometimes turn entertainment into abuse.

The teams at Conectys understand the peculiarities of gaming cultures and can monitor and moderate inappropriate exchanges, supporting a positive, empowering online gaming experience for all users.

Forum Moderation

Forum moderation preserves a clear and structured communication, avoiding hostile or off-topic comments that derail otherwise well-established discussions.

Our teams will make sure all threads are monitored real time to meet your guidelines and policies, addressing questionable content around the clock, with a focus on multilingual and culturally-aware moderation.