We know how important it is to publish audio and video content to your channels and communities as soon as it is published. But we also know that cat videos will always be better than violence. That is why our end-to-end online audio-video moderation solutions cover all situations - from basic copyright infringement and marketing promotions, to dangerous propaganda and profanity.

Our tailored outsourced audio and video moderation services fit every community and business model. As tenured UGC moderation specialists, we help companies from all industries gain a loyal following and ensure the online safety of users everywhere – your brand will be protected from questionable content around the clock and in over 35 languages.


Our outsourced video moderation services combine human moderation experts with state-of-the-art technology for fast and accurate solutions at a competitive price point.

Depending on your needs, our multilingual teams of content specialists can moderate live-streaming and regular uploads by reviewing the entire length of the video according to standard or custom guidelines, from quality scales, to IPR, length, language, theme and more.

Alternatively, we can perform still-image moderation, reviewing images selected automatically from the videos via specialised tools. Coupled with user reputation scores, onboarding analysis and specific element detection software, there is no frame our video moderation teams will leave unwatched.

Audio Moderation

Inviting users to upload audio content to your platform or brand channel should be a positive experience from beginning to end. That is why our outsourced multilingual teams review, categorise and remove unethical, aggressive and IPR-infringing audio content according to your own guidelines.

We review both the content of audio files and their technical details to guarantee full compliance with general and brand-specific standards. We adapt our knowledge and tools to your systems and processes for superior brand alignment and accuracy, and more importantly, for real value and brand protection.