The web can be a wonderful place. But it can also attract the wrong crowd and spoil the fun for everyone else. It is in your power to deliver a satisfying customer experience, one that will also support your revenue and market share.

Outsourced user generated content moderation helps you stay on top of the online game. Our multilingual and multicultural teams monitor your online platforms, flag and address inappropriate content according to your brand and social safety guidelines, ensuring a smooth online experience for all.

Our moderation teams blend human analysis with advanced online moderation technologies to identify patterns that enable you to lower exposure risk and promote positive brand awareness. By outsourcing your content moderation efforts to a specialised company, you instantly gain access to the speed, accuracy and quality of service you need to guarantee full online user protection.

We constantly research and optimize our outsourced moderation services to keep offensive posts away from official company accounts and communities. That way your brand stays strong and your community safe – 24/7 and in over 35 languages.

Let’s make the web a better place – together.

Text Moderation

Eliminate irrelevant comments, spam and trolling with our 24/7 moderation services.

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Image Moderation

Say hello to safe browsing and goodbye to profanity with accurate image moderation.

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Audio/Video Moderation

Act quickly to remove dangerous audio-video content before it reaches innocent eyes.

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