Every business needs to be where its audience is. Nowadays, that place is social media. So if you need to monitor, moderate and manage official brand or product-related social channels, our multilingual and multicultural moderation teams can help you.

Facebook comment moderation and Twitter moderation are just two areas we cover. Our outsourced social media teams monitor comments, conversations, images, videos and any kind of multimedia content shared, tweeted or pinned to your official accounts or brand pages.

Our social media monitoring services will boost customer sentiment by listening to and analysing brand-related conversations, and by managing outbound posts and community engagement campaigns. This way, you are not only protected 24/7 but you also inspire your fans and customers to engage with you online.

Key Benefits

Analyse customer sentiment through expert review and case categorization
Guarantee a safe and consistent online brand experience
Protect your community and brand around the clock
Enhance customer engagement and loyalty
Increase lead conversions
Gain market insights through extensive data analysis
Have the latest brand awareness trends at your fingertips

We have successfully integrated, executed and monitored communication campaigns for clients in the High Tech, Telecom, HR, Finance, Retail & Sports Products, Gaming & Entertainment, and Travel industries.

Your outsourced social media monitoring and moderation activities are in good hands.