Award-winning Tech Support Outsourcing Services

At Conectys, we make things easier for your customers while reducing your costs.

We provide trained, multilingual helpdesk teams, in over 35 languages, from smart locations in the EMEA (Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Belgium), APAC (Philippines, Taiwan), AMERICAS (the U.S.) and a tenured Work from Home (WfH) network.

Our Expertise


24/7/365, up to Level 3 technical support
Managed Services
Pre- and After-Sales technical support
RMA / Warranty / Post Warranty support
System and Account Management
Provisioning / Installation / Configuration

Serviced Industries

Different technologies have different customers with different needs and challenges. A home internet services user is not as tech-savvy as an IT expert.

Conectys' outsourced tech support services deliver expertise in a broad range of technologies and audiences.

Internet Service Providers: Troubleshooting multi-device, wired/Wi-Fi connectivity
Retail & E-commerce: user support for on-site and cloud based applications and services
Telecom: assisting end users and B2B clients with platform agnostic, data connectivity
Triple Play Technologies: modems / phone tech support for home users
Media & Entertainment: NAS, Media Servers, multi-SSID modem users
Home automation: end users of video, security and internet services
Gaming Hardware: PC/Console/ VR player support
Games: Online/Mobile gaming communities (MMOS, eSports) tech support
Gaming-as-a-Service player support
Energy and Utilities: B2B solar inverter electrical fitters and subscribers tech support
In-house / outsourced B2B IT teams

…and much more.

Customer Satisfaction Insights w/ ConectysOS

We believe in full transparency!

Customer feedback tracking allows your operations and product teams to understand the impact of product and policy changes as they happen, through the measure of Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort (CES) and First Contact Resolution (FCR). Flexible APIs allow reporting integration with your current systems or 3rd party platforms of your choosing.

Offered free of charge, ConectysOS offloads your cash-flow of heavy licensing costs while enabling premium customer satisfaction insights.

Multi-channel technical support

Solve your clients’ issues on the channels that are most relevant to them:

Web tickets
Live chat
Social media
Product review platforms
Community forums
Remote Desktop/ Mobile Connection

High Quality – Certified

Clients benefit from certified and innovative outsourced technical support solutions:

ITIL Foundation Certification
ISO 9001:2015 certified processes, providing a robust Quality Management System at all stages of the partnership
COPC OSP aligned, for outcome centered performance management
Award-Winning: 11x awards in the past 3 years

The Right Technologies

Get access to the latest contact centre technology to bridge the gap between your brand and clients. Yours, ours, or a 3rd party – we use the best technical support tools on the market, analyze their performance and offer actionable advice on how to optimize your setup.

The secret of our flexibility lies in over 13 years of experience building and integrating our services into multiple platforms. When responsiveness and efficiency are key, we are the partner you want.