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Outsourced Customer Experience Services

One of the biggest concerns we hear from companies that are considering outsourcing their customer service to us is how it will impact their customers.

They’re worried that their customers will detect a difference between talking to their own reps versus the ones we provide and as a result, customer satisfaction and loyalty will be impacted. But, we’ve found the opposite to be true – and it’s rooted in an unlikely reason.
At Conectys, we invest heavily in our own employees, which has given us an outstanding employee retention rate. Because our staff is happy and thriving, your customers will be positively impacted and given the best service. Here’s why.

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Keeping our Finger on the Pulse

We pride ourselves on being a very tech-savvy and culture-focused company. So it only made sense for us to use the eNPS (employee net promoter score) within our walls. This means we regularly send out a survey to our team members that asks how satisfied they are by working at our company.

When we get the results, we reach out to anyone who wasn’t satisfied and find out what we can do to make their experience better. We also get further feedback from the most satisfied employees on a regular basis and use their insights about what makes them happiest in our work environment so we can raise the bar across the whole organization.

Our employees know their satisfaction matters to us and know that we actually do something with the information they give us (case in point: Our Glassdoor approval rating is 100% for the CEO/management, and 80% of our employees would recommend us to their friends). They’re supported by us and know they have the resources they need to optimally support your customers too.

Everyone has an Opportunity to Grow

Another way in which we support our team members is by offering robust training courses, opportunities for certifications, and pathways to promotions. No one is stuck in an entry-level role forever, and we make sure all of our employees know what options are available to them for greater learning and career progression.

By developing our employees’ skill sets, they gain professional advantages they can use throughout their careers. But this also means our team members are highly skilled and deeply qualified to offer the best customer service possible to your customers. Our employees are happy, fulfilled, growing personally and professionally – and eager to give you and your customers the best as a result. They’re also less likely to leave Conectys, so you’ll be able to benefit from having customer service support staff who are in their roles for longer than industry averages.

We Believe in Cultural Immersion

Finally, we want our team to be an extension of your team. We want your customers to have a seamless experience as our companies work together, so we have our support staff undergo cultural immersion whenever we sign on with a new company.

This means we send them to your office (when geographically possible), as well as train them on your mission, core values, and culture. Through this process, they feel like a part of your team (which contributes to greater happiness for them at work) and you also gain extra team members who are aligned with your goals.

We don’t just say we want to make your customers completely satisfied; we make sure they are. By checking in with our employees, training them extensively, giving them opportunities for growth, and getting them culturally aligned with your brand, everyone wins. Our employees stay with us far longer than the industry norm, your customer experience flourishes and your business succeeds. Contact us to learn more and get started outsourcing with us today.

Outsourced Customer Experience Services
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Outsourced Customer Experience Services