Where are you located?
We have 10 delivery centres: 1 in Portugal (Lisbon), 1 in Poland (Poznan), 1 in Turkey (Istanbul), 2 in Romania (Bucharest and Sibiu), 1 in Belgium (Ghent), 1 in Taiwan (Taipei), 2 in the Philippines (Davao and Iloilo), 1 in the U.S. (Dallas), and we also deliver from our clients' location (Work from Client).
Do you have Cloud Agents/ Work from Home capabilities?
Yes, we deliver with global homeworking agents backed up by secure technologies and driven by tailored processes. We can provide 100% homeworking solutions or a combination of Work from Home with core, on-site delivery.
I need telephone numbers for my Customer Support, can you take care of this?
Yes, we can activate numbers for you in close to 120 countries globally. Numbers can be PSTN (regular landlines in a major city), Toll Free Numbers or Premium Rate Numbers.
How long does it take to start operating my services with Conectys?
It depends on the type of service, delivery option and the complexity. Virtual Assistant can be activated in a matter of hours. Post contract signature to go live date ranges from 1 to 3 months for large projects and high complexity services. Work from Home teams provide faster scalability (up to 70%) combined to on-site delivery.
What languages do you support?
We currently support over 35+ languages, including but not limited to: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Czech, Hebrew, Arabic, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Flemish, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese...
Does Conectys do telesales or telemarketing?
No, in the Call Center area we specialise in Inbound Customer Support and Technical Support. We do offer outbound services, but they are Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Market Research Services.
How do you price?
Our most popular pricing method is a per work unit pricing, with a minimum monthly retainer. A work unit can be a call centre minute or can be a deliverable like a researched profile of a company. We can also price per FTE (Full Time Equivalent). In general, Conectys will be open and creative when it comes to pricing structures.
How long has Conectys been in business?
Conectys was started in 2004.