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Conectys Global BPO Solutions Career Opportunity

Conectys is a global organization with centers on 3 continents and in 7 countries. We are all about transparency, modesty, and growth. We also strongly believe in Fun@Work, so much that we’ve made it one of our core values.

We have the best possible clients in gaming, high tech, travel, retail, finance, and other key industries.

Conectys is fueled by people.

Employee engagement, initial and ongoing training, flexible work hours, incentives, “Pizza with the CEO”, Fruit Days, Happy Hours, employee-driven CSR programs, Open Door Policy or trips to client sites are just examples of what YOU will experience in Conectys.

We are also recognized for premium BPO services with 10 awards received in the past 3 years alone.

Conectys Careers Opportunity

The Site Manager facilitates, directs, manages and coordinates all activities for the area, including operations and support departments, being responsible for legal compliance, operational, financial, technical and program performance at the site.

Conectys Global BPO Solutions Career Opportunity

a) Directs the day to day operational management of the site, applying as required a hands-on approach to producing solutions to strategic, technical, commercial, operational and personnel related challenges. Initiates and drives appropriate changes in processes, tools and capabilities that increase effectiveness; in charge of the administration of the site (s) assigned;
b) Ensures timely and accurate communications of company initiatives, goals and objectives, strategy to site management team and provides feedback to headquarters;
c) Creates a team atmosphere in the coordinated center(s) and drives employee satisfaction;
d) Coaches, motivates and guides the on-site managers of various departments dedicated to providing service excellence for all Conectys clients (internal or external);
e) Drives the Rewards/Recognition programs and provides leadership for the site in community relations – establishes the site as an Employer of Choice;
f) Develops and maintains the Conectys image in the community;
g) Coordinates the communication processes across site and assists with the escalation of problems;
h) Constructively escalates unresolved issues in a timely, diplomatic and fact-based manner;
i) Consistently casts a strong leadership shadow and regularly leverages various communication channels, including round tables, one-on-one and focus groups to foster two-way communication and to inspire employees to see the link between their position and personal performance to organizational strategy and company performance;
j) Proactively interacts regularly with peers in every department to ensure that the local priorities are aligned with Conectys global strategic direction. Works with leaders across the organization to understand, influence, and implement service strategies that support new products and services;
k) Establishes and maintains relationships with peers, business partners and key stakeholders. Constructively communicates issues and opportunities to improve processes or site effectiveness; l) Partners with all Conectys departments (HR, Financial, IT, Facility, Sales & Marketing, Operations) to evaluate and ensure process improvement opportunities, training needs, talent calibration/management, onboarding and succession planning;
m) Partners with Operations management in support of performance and client satisfaction, enhances business and examines new growth opportunities for program health;
n) Meets and exceeds performance management objectives, agreed business plans, budget and targets and reports on both plus and minus factors impacting on the business. In essence, adopts a “no surprises” approach to reporting and leadership;
o) Inspires and motivates staff to deliver high quality, efficient and effective service. Fosters a culture of coaching, development, and employee engagement that enhances the employee experience while delivering on Conectys objectives;
p) Produces solid and effective strategies based on accurate and meaningful data reports and analysis and/or keen observations;
q) Reports on a weekly and monthly basis the site performance including plans for the next period;
r) Maintains an updated list of conflicts / problems / major obstacles / and risks and monitors their resolution;
s) Ensures the site achieves the objectives and measures in terms of financial, customer, internal business processes, growth and innovation;
t) Complete, maintain, distribute and process pertinent paperwork, key information, and records; u) Provides support to local leaders to obtain an understanding of service needs and problems, resulting in the implementation of systematic changes to improve service, based on feedback;
v) Assists in the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures to facilitate processes and clarify and correct procedural problems. w) Evaluates the feasibility of new or revised systems and procedures, and oversees audits to ensure compliance with established standards;
x) Develops site forecasts
y) Assures that contract requirements including service levels, talk times, escalations, quality sat scores, etc. are routinely conveyed and understood by team members;
z) Assures that contract compliance, documentation and information is up to date and files are maintained;

aa) Works closely with HR to design and implement programs to ensure the effective recruitment, hiring, development, and retention of all personnel;
bb) Responsible for the supervision of new employee selection, selection process, and employee retention efforts. Personally makes all new direct report selections and performance evaluations. Reviews and approves all disciplinary actions and terminations for all employees in the site. Serves as the escalation point for HR issues not resolved at a lower level in the organization (including escalations from Agents, Team Managers, Account Managers, etc.).
cc) Fosters suitable financial controls for such areas as tax, treasury, inventories, provisions and ensuring timely issue of invoices. Close liaison with the Financial VP will be required in this regard;
dd) Deploys suitable controls over local procurement and ensures robust terms and conditions are in place for each contract. Risk exposure versus reward will be a key performance factor and close liaison with the Facility Manager and Financial VP will be required in this regard;
ee) Ensures and support the coordinated centers’ compliance with government laws, Conectys global policies as well the regional policies, procedures and guideline;
ff) Is responsible for Conectys coordinated site(s) to be 100% legal compliant with the local laws and regulations;
gg) Makes recommendations to enhance processes and boost ease and efficiency
hh) On award of contracts, leads the delivery teams in achieving their goals and objectives and ultimately ensures all contract requirements are delivered on time, within budget, technically compliant and to the legally set and company adhered standards of safety, quality, and operational excellence;
ii) Facilitates and supports the development on site of a valid project management methodology, appropriate tools and processes for effective project management in all departments of the site; jj) Oversees strategy and technology implementation to achieve continuous improvement in the efficiency and accuracy of our services;
kk) Continuously ensures facilitation of essential infrastructure, technology, training to employees
ll) Ensures optimum utilization of seats, optimizes all direct costs (e.g. manpower, connectivity etc.) and keeps them under control;
mm) Maintains liaison with local government agencies and recommends and implements improvements to the security of coordinated sites;
nn) Determines maintenance and service specifications; analyzes and negotiates bids; supervises specification compliance; plans and schedules deferred and/or remedial current maintenance; handles emergency repairs; implements a preventive maintenance program;
oo) Plans, schedules and supervises facilities management and has health and safety standards knowledge of contractor’s obligations. Maintains site health and building cleanliness by partnering with Facilities
pp) Diagnoses and takes immediate action to solve interior maintenance problems and determines liabilities, through the knowledge acquired of fire and safety regulations and compliance procedures
qq) Provides ongoing support to business acquisition and bid preparation, working closely with colleagues in pursuit of new contracts or extending existing contract work scopes
rr) May perform other additional duties and responsibilities as assigned
ss) Ensures that the necessary processes and practices of quality management system are established, implemented and maintained according to ISO 9001:2008 and any other standards Conectys adheres to or aligns to;
tt) Ensures adherence of all employees and activities to Conectys’ global procedures and processes in coordinated areas and contributes to said procedures and processes by adapting them to the local requirements and by participating in global improvement initiatives;
uu) Adherence to all Conectys procedures and policies including the ones on ethics and integrity; vv) Acts as company Spokesperson and Liaison Officer
a) Permanently maintaining a professional attitude and enthusiasm to the level required by Conectys and clients
b) Strong leadership and negotiation skills
c) Understands BPO metrics and can deliver results
d) Proven, strong people relations proficiency (not limited to: providers, employees, colleagues, clients, potential clients)
e) Understands the company framework and finds the balance between the needs of the site, impact on global costs and development opportunities offered on site, aligned to company strategy and objectives
f) Able to understand financial reports and have a familiarity with laws regarding transition, implied warranties and related issues
g) Has strong knowledge of relevant codes, laws and ordinances; acquires and maintains knowledge of current state condominium laws, fire and health codes, workman compensation laws, tax requirements and local ordinances
h) Able to establish and apply fee/assessment collection procedures and have knowledge of related legal requirements as well as an ability to keep accurate accounting records
i) Ability to deal with complaints objectively and consistently; strong knowledge of rule enforcement methods and ability to communicate rules; ability to provide documentation of due process
j) Is strategic in developing solutions and process improvements
k) Able to efficiently manage time and keep track of multiple schedules, meetings, and initiatives
l) Able to evaluate opportunities, develop, and implement performance improvement efforts
m) Able to interpret data, identify trends, and make suggestions for improvements
n) Customer-oriented in managing communications and issues; strong interpersonal and problem solving skills
o) Capable of managing multiple tasks simultaneously
p) Demonstrated financial management and analytical capabilities
q) Confidence, credibility and determination
r) Fairness, tenacity, diplomacy
s) Perseverance and positive attitude
t) Knowledge of potential liability resulting from his/her actions
u) Actively seeking ways to support the other team members to achieve their set objectives
v) Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
w) Ability to give direction
x) Can define job tasks
y) Ability to hire, train, discipline and terminate employees as necessary
z) Knowledge of general business management techniques and generally accepted business practices

aa) Accent on logic and critical thinking, combined with imagination and creativity
bb) When reporting a problem he/she often offers a solution
cc) Takes actions seeking solutions and not excuses, is actively engaged in finding a resolution dd) Excellent organizational skills
ee) Ability to delegate and motivate
ff) Have initiative to optimize processes
gg) Excellent communication skills
hh) Good listening skills
ii) Ability to drive and motivate staff
jj) Good presentation skills
kk) Capacity to take initiative and to find innovative solutions for various problems
ll) Assertive attitude
mm) The desire for knowledge and assimilation of new information
nn) Honesty
oo) Pro-active in developing trust and professional rapport with employees and team members; works as a team-player
pp) Sustains an incident free work environment
Conectys Global BPO Solutions Career Opportunity

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