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gamer support

Gamer Support

  • Gaming tech support
  • Community management
  • Premium customer service

game testing

Game Testing

  • Hardware & software game testing
  • User experience testing
  • Network testing

startup photos

Game Localisation

  • Language translation
  • Localisation review
  • Cultural support


Our solution


If you are as passionate about supporting your gamers as you are about developing brilliant games, you have come to the right place. We at Conectys don’t just talk gaming – we do gaming, in 35+ languages. We connect gaming companies from all over the globe with their player communities by offering excellent outsourced gaming support - from customer service, to infrastructure management, to testing and localisation.


With 11+ years of outourcing experience working for some of the greatest gaming hardware manufacturers and mobile gaming providers in the world, our multilingual teams are uniquely equipped to bring you excellent support, enhanced scalability, lower costs and improved customer loyalty. There are countless outsourcing solutions out there but only one is the perfect fit for you. Let’s develop it together.