Premium Contact Center Platform, offered at zero cost

ConectysOS 2.0 powers Conectys’ continued drive to transform the outsourcing industry by shifting outsourcing models from their legacy “black box” configuration to a collaborative and open Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) paradigm. Offered free of charge for all Conectys clients, ConectysOS has an adoption rate of 76% among existing contracts.

Client benefits

Eliminate technology cost: Zero cost compared to 3rd party call center software providers (for Conectys agents servicing client account)
Consumer Insights: better understand and adapt to consumer demand with real-time NPS/FCR and CES
Competitive advantage: Reduce reaction speed to consumer feedback from months to hours
Transparency: real-time view into outsourced operations performance, regardless of location of service delivery, time of day and device
Cloud Agents enabled for best possible cost and scalability

Cost Reduction

Conectys’ proprietary Cloud Contact Center platform, offered at zero cost, can deliver significant savings compared to 3rd party systems.

* Simulation is based on a set-up of 200 agents.

Customer Satisfaction Insights in Real Time

Real time customer feedback tracking allows your operations and product teams to understand the impact of product and policy changes as they happen, through the measure of the, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort (CES), and First Contact Resolution (FCR). Flexible APIs allow reporting integration with your current systems or 3rd party platforms of your choosing.

The availability of a real-time view into these metrics, granular down to individual team members and reasons for contact, allows for surgical precision in staff coaching, as well as process and policy redesign. Understanding how customer satisfaction scores vary according to the reason for contact gives you actionable intelligence that enables insight-based redesign, reducing marketing and product teams’ reaction-speed to consumer demand from months to hours.

Real Time view and SLA notifications

ConectysOS enables a transparent, 24/7, real-time view into the overall performance of the outsourced services.

You see what We see

We believe in full transparency. As a Conectys partner, you gain full access to ConectysOS. Customer feedback (NPS, FCR, CES), call recordings, quality assurance results, SLA mishap, raw data, etc. they are all available in the platform and down to an agent level . Data can be accessed from any device, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Collaborative QA

Through ConectysOS, clients also benefit from a consolidated customer experience view through consumer feedback and collaborative QA audits.

Your team or 3rd party partners in ConectysOS

ConectysOS is not limited to Conectys agents. You are free to choose whether to have your own teams set up with custom user accounts for you staff and third party vendors. This option will be charged a monthly fee per month.