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At Conectys, we work with the largest Chinese social media and retail companies to provide real-time comment, image, and live streaming video moderation services that cover social networks, blogs, apps, forums, chat rooms and more across multiple customer channels and industries. Our model allows for an extremely flexible relationship and a source of constant strategic guidance and support for our Chinese clients.

Conectys Global BPO Provider

UGC & Social Moderation

Our skilled teams (thousands of employees) monitor, moderate, and manage official and brand-related social media streams, measure customer sentiment, and implement community engagement campaigns keeping your platforms healthy.

We blend human analysis with advanced online moderation technologies that enable you to lower exposure risk and enhance and promote positive brand awareness.

Our experts are not only brand advocates but brand ambassadors who work as an extension of your brand. We can also help with expansion into new geographies, adapting your moderation process to the regions you target.

Social Media Moderation

Our outsourced social media teams monitor comments, conversations, images, videos and any kind of multimedia content shared, tweeted or pinned to your official accounts or brand pages.

  • Facebook Comment Moderation

  • Twitter Moderation

  • Image Moderation (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest)

  • Video Moderation (e.g. YouTube, TikTok)

  • App Moderation

  • Forums & Chat Room Moderation

Key Benefits

  • Analyse customer sentiment through expert review and case categorization

  • Guarantee a safe and consistent online brand experience

  • Protect your community and brand around the clock

  • Enhance customer engagement and loyalty

  • Increase lead conversions

  • Gain market insights through extensive data analysis

  • Have the latest brand awareness trends at your fingertips

  • Massive global scale potential

  • Experience with multi-billion dollar brands

  • Expansion efforts

  • Flexible and collaborative client/partner relationship

UGC Moderation

Our multilingual and multicultural teams monitor your online platforms, flag and address inappropriate content according to your brand and social safety guidelines, ensuring a smooth online experience for all.

  • Comment Moderation

  • Audio-Visual Moderation

  • Image Moderation

  • Multilingual, Multicultural Teams

Industries Served

We have successfully integrated, executed and monitored communication campaigns for clients across a variety of industries.

  • High Tech

  • Telecom

  • HR

  • Finance

  • Retail & E-Commerce Products

  • Gaming & Entertainment

  • Travel

  • Social Media

Chinese Content Moderation


chinese content moderation solutions
chinese content moderation solutions
chinese content moderation solutions

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