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Outsourced Customer Experience Services

Even if your company is showing serious signs of outsourcing readiness, it’s not uncommon for a CEO to remain on the fence.

One of the top BPO challenges we see, especially with high-growth startups, is a CEO who knows they should outsource but still has a few hang-ups holding them back.

If this sounds familiar, here are three ways to know if you’re ready to begin this rewarding journey.

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Do you find yourself looking for validation of (or feedback about) your decisions, but no one suited to provide it?

There’s no denying that CEOs have a tough job. You’re supposed to view your business from a macro perspective, taking into account all your departments, numbers, and performance indicators. You’re also supposed to make what are often tough decisions, based on your expertise and vision for the company. It’s no surprise that CEOs can sometimes feel alone, and wish they had a partner with whom they could discuss decisions and rely on for another perspective that is both unfiltered and insightful.

If you’ve found yourself feeling this way, you might be more ready for outsourcing than you know. A true BPO partner, like Conectys, is not just a business process provider; we’re a partner that provides value-added insights. We get to know the nuances of your business, as well as the big-picture view, and we’re happy to talk through strategies and decisions with you. We also use numbers, KPIs, and vast years of experience to back up our recommendations. This is probably one of the most valuable, yet overlooked, benefits of working with a real BPO partner.

Are you in need of a way to cut costs while improving your customer experience?

Most CEOs are initially attracted to outsourcing because of the potential benefit to their bottom line. And it’s true; working with the right BPO provider can help you substantially reduce costs and improve profitability. But in addition, we can boost your customer experience in a variety of ways. So our customers tend to not only see a cost reduction when they work with us; they also see customer satisfaction and sales growth at the same time.

If you’ve been stressed about how to reduce expenses, or how you can improve your customer experience in order to bring in more sales, talk with us about outsourcing. We can accomplish both these goals in one fell swoop.

Can you stay in your role, and entrust a third party to handle theirs?

Finally, this question is one that deserves a long, hard look in the mirror. Trust and relinquishing control are often the two sticking points we hear from CEOs. If you’ve built your business from the ground up, or are heavily invested in its success, it can be hard to bring in another company and entrust them with mission-critical processes.

But if you’re going to work with a BPO partner, it’s imperative you’re ready to do so. The best outsourcing relationships are those in which the CEO knows their role, and the outsourcing provider knows theirs. They can complement one another’s skills, while each contributing maximum expertise and passion to the business. If you’re still struggling with letting go of control, take some time to read our case studies and get the validation you need to feel good about entrusting us with your business. We’ll be here waiting when you’re ready – or to answer any questions you have in the meantime.

As you consider your own outsourcing readiness, ask yourself these three questions. Ready to begin your BPO journey?

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