5 Ingredients for Success in a Technical Support Outsourcing Engagement


If you’re like most support operations managers, your time is stretched thin. Not only does the buck stop with you in terms of customer experience and overall quality, but you also have to execute on your CEO’s ideas and cut costs wherever possible. When your capacity is being exceeded, it might be time to call in help - and one of the best areas to outsource for help is in technical support.

But in order to get the best outcome with business IT outsourcing, there are five essential components you’ll need to get right. Here are our tips to make you successful in your BPO engagement.


How to Strategically Align Your BPO Partnership with Your Company s Vision


Are you about ready to dive into a BPO business partnership, but not quite sure what services you need or how to maximize the relationship? The key to making the most of this step is to strategically craft your engagement in order to further your company’s vision. If you make every decision through this lens, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Here’s some guidance about making those decisions and strategy implementation.


Surprising Truths Your Financial Numbers Are Telling


As CEO, you have your hands on every single part of your company. Operations, sales, marketing, finances, HR -- all of these departments ultimately bubble up to you. This can be hard to manage, but you get to take all the strategic insight you gather from each of these teams and then guide your business on the best strategic path to ensure enterprise wide business objectives align and roll down as appropriate to departmental goals, expectations, and ultimately performance .

If you’re like most CEOs, you take a look at the high-level numbers and trends. They either please you, or they don’t. If revenue is down, you might put more pressure on sales, or if product demand is skyrocketing, you might hire someone new in HR to help you with recruiting.

But, what if your numbers can give you even deeper insight than this? What if you can use what your CFO shares with you to improve organizational effectiveness, employee morale, customer service issues - and more? Here’s how to start viewing your financial reports in a nontraditional light, in order to get nontraditional results.

 Telecom companies improve NPS through outsourcing


Whether you lead a communications company, technology company or telecom company - odds are good that customer satisfaction has been tricky for you. Don’t take it too personally; these are tough industries and since society is increasingly dependent on instant gratification, the bar for satisfaction is getting higher and higher.

But even though the challenge is understandable, you’re still responsible for the quality of your brand. And, you still have a lot of control over providing the best customer service possible. If you use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey as a way to check in with your customers, you’re already on a great path for customer service. But there’s almost always room for improvement.

Did you know that a standard NPS score among telecom companies is +31 currently? This means, then, that a measure of success for you could be this number or anything higher. So think about your score. Can it be improved? Most likely, it can. Here are three tips for doing so.

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