When business processes and digital innovation collide

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the most modern way to refer to outsourcing companies, and this term was coined for a very good reason. After all, one of the main specialties of a BPO partner like Conectys is helping clients implement and maximize solid business processes. Through our many years of working with a wide variety of clients in this way, we’ve learned that such processes must be adequately supported by technology, business intelligence and people in order to succeed.

Since digital innovation has upended the stale, inefficient business processes of old, updated and effective processes are now table stakes for growing companies. What we’re seeing through this shift is compelling. Not only are business processes themselves being transformed; but there is also a domino effect with other aspects of the business being impacted by the shift as well.

If you run a high touch brand that must be in close communication with a customer before, during and after the sales process, you understand the challenges that come along with it. Whether you’re in banking/finance, high tech, retail, travel/hospitality or another high-touch industry, you likely have many interactions with your customer throughout their lifecycle.

Since high-touch companies interact with customers on an array of channels over a long period of time, brand alignment is extremely critical. So, how do you know if your company is aligned, and therefore presenting a seamless and positive experience to your customer?

Here are five signs you’re not - along with business tips to fix it.

Retailers How to Know if your Tech Support Needs Life Support


There’s no question that tech support makes a difference in the success of retail companies. But did you know that the right technology - and according to processes - can actually make or break a brand? If you’re looking to improve retail store performance, we recommend taking a look at your existing systems and evaluating whether they’re serving you well or possibly harming your growth.

A crash course in the 7 acronyms that matter most to your call center

Managing a call center, and doing it well, can be one of the most challenging operational feats in any business. Your facility is responsible for calming frazzled customers, providing solutions to problems and presenting a professional image of your brand to the rest of the world - oh, and you’re also supposed to drive business results.

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