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Automation or Set It and Forget It

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Automation or Set It and Forget It

Automation. It captures our imagination and it empowers us. With time, we have come to rely on automation for our daily activities, from posting messages to multiple social media platforms at the touch of a single button, to heating up the home before we return from work. But how does this impact outsourcing?

The concept of automation is not new to BPO. As in any industry that prizes efficiency, outsourcing service providers have been developing new processes that require less basic and repetitive labour, and call for more technology-focused activity.

IVRs are the best example of a first step toward service automation. You use Interactive Voice Response technology when you call your bank and listen to pre-recorded messages and menu options that route your call to the appropriate recipient.

But BPO goes beyond that. From customer-side services, automation has reached vital back-office tasks such as reporting. Outsourcing clients can receive automated weekly, monthly and yearly activity reports detailing trends and opportunities. And that’s not everything. Most service providers now gather Customer Satisfaction scores and feedback, analyse them and send them, automatically, to the client’s product development teams.

Once the required processes are agreed upon and set into motion, BPO companies have the power and the data to enable their clients to take the market by storm with better products and improvements – without any effort on the client’s side. They can literally “set it and forget it”, knowing that the necessary information will be passed on to their teams, like clockwork.

This seemingly effortless automation shapes our epectations day by day. On the one hand, customers have come to expect easy access to information and goods that go one step beyond satisfying their needs, anticipating them. On the other hand, outsourcing clients demand real-time customer insights fed directly into their product development programs.

Naturally, outsourcing service providers must accommodate both. Whether it’s a proprietary platform or a third party tool, BPO companies must invest in the technology and processes that enable swift data capture and transmission, offering increasingly more transparency and a shorter analysis cycle.

From Customer Satisfaction initiatives, to product optimisation, automation cuts the time it takes to gather and analyse product-specific customer insights from weeks to hours. That way, outsourcing clients know exactly what to change in the next design cycle to make their products more user-friendly and long-lasting.


By embracing automation, outsourcing companies become co-sourcers, instead of mere execution engines of static black-box business processes. And their clients? They are set to win.

Are you or your BPO provider using automation to gather market insights and turn them into amazing products and services that exceed your customers’ expectations?

Tell us about your experience with outsourcing automation.

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