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4 Signs your Company Needs NOC Services

Technical support managers: Raise your hand if you feel like your internal team is tapped out with an ever-increasing workload and not enough support. Okay, now that every single one of you has your hand up, let’s discuss what can be done about this very common problem.

Many of the customers we’ve worked with in your role have vented to us about their frustrations of the job. Not only are there myriad challenges that come with keeping quality and customer experience high, but there’s a lot of added pressure when managing your company’s network infrastructure and NOC services yourself. This amount of work can lead to burnout or even major mistakes.

So, how do you know if it’s time for some external IT help? Here are some signs.


  • Managing your network infrastructure is eating up all your time.


As we mentioned above, you already have a lot on your plate in your role. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to monitor your IT infrastructure and keep your mission-critical systems humming, you’re doing too much. Something has to give, and oftentimes a company’s quality is what starts slipping when technical support manager is trying to handle too much. If your key priorities are getting put on the back burner, you’ll benefit greatly from working with a BPO partner who can lighten your load.


By inviting a qualified third-party to act as an extension of your team and handle day-to-day NOC functions, you can be looped in with updates or when issues pop up. But the rest of the time, you can go back to focusing on your core strengths and other aspects of the job.


  • Your highly specialized team members are spending too much time dealing with less complex issues.


If you’re like many of our customers, you’ve trained your in-house team to understand the nuances of high-complexity support issues. And yet, what happens so often is that these well-trained and skilled individuals get their time eaten up every day by low-complexity problems. It’s not a smart use of resources, but you don’t know how to fix it because your in-house team is all you have… unless you outsource, that is.


If you bring in a qualified BPO partner to share your NOC workload, you can save your best team members’ time and expertise for the high-complexity issues and rely on your BPO team to take care of the rest. This improves your resource utilization, and your efficiency, and should spare your team some frustration too.


  • You need around-the-clock monitoring but can’t do it yourself.


How is your current NOC reliability? Are you finding that you’re not able to be available as much as needed to monitor outages, do regular manual checks and keep things running smoothly? Everyone needs some time to unplug (literally) from their job, and it’s simply not feasible for you to be within reach 24/7.


But, a NOC provider like Conectys is. We take great care to monitor your systems around-the-clock, every day of the year. We’ll escalate any problems that arise to the right people, and give you peace of mind that highly trained NOC engineers are reviewing your trends, responding to alerts, taking care of maintenance and whatever else is required to keep your network alive and well.  


  • You need top-notch data security and infrastructure, but also need to save costs.


Data breaches are the things nightmares are made of, and no one knows this better than you. If your data gets compromised, your entire operations can come screeching to a halt and your brand can suffer irreparable damage. You know you can’t cut corners on your security and infrastructure, but also are well aware that quality can cost a lot. If you’re finding yourself in this conundrum, outsourcing can help.


A top BPO provider like Conectys takes nothing more seriously than data security, and would happily take this worry off your shoulders and take it off fast!. We typically launch support services 1 week post contract signature and full documentation of procedures after which Conectys will take action.  We monitor our client’s network around the clock using leading monitoring tools. This could be your infrastructure or even an the infrastructure provider that you may have outsourced to. We will go to work monitoring your network, taking defined actions upon triggers pushed to Conectys by monitoring tools.  We can even intervene if you would like, thoroughly documenting every intervention and applying fixes, patches, upgrades, and more. We do this with highly trained NOC Engineers in accordance with data security best practices and best-in-class processes all while remaining affordable. We really can provide the best of both worlds, and save you money while meeting all your data security and infrastructure needs.

NOC services might seem like something you can handle with your internal team alone, but you may be able to handle it far better with the right partner. If you want to share your workload, optimize your in-house team and increase the value of your NOC services, we’d love to talk. We provide monitoring and checks, alerts and escalations, governance and more - all managed by the most highly trained NOC engineers and at a price point that’s affordable. Contact us to learn more.



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