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7 Outsourcing Predictions for 2019: Part II

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7 Outsourcing Predictions for 2019 Part 2


If you read our previous post in which we shared our predictions for outsourcing trends in 2019, you might be wondering what else we’ll see in the industry in the New Year. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re going to delve into the final four predictions we have for the coming year. Let’s dig in.

   1. Strategic partnerships take precedence over cost reduction.

For years, outsourcing was seen as a form of cost reduction first and foremost. And while engaging with a BPO partner is still highly cost-effective for businesses, this is gradually becoming less of the reason they seek out an outsourcing provider.

Many of our customers actually come to us looking for a strategic partner. Rather than just saving them money, they’re hungry for insight into their business, expertise about pursuing difficult goals like market expansion and the far-reaching value that a provider like Conectys can offer them.

   2.  Customer experience & employee experience are equal priorities.

Customer experience has been at the forefront of most business conversations for the past couple of years, and it still remains key to customer retention and overall business growth. But one of the newer outsourcing trends we love is the emphasis BPO providers are placing on employee satisfaction.

At Conectys, we’ve always gone above and beyond to give our customers the best experience possible, and now we’re starting to see other companies in the space recognizing the importance of that. Happy customers and happy employees make for thriving businesses.

   3. Different measurements of success.

Within call centers, Average Handling Time (AHT) has been a key metric to track for decades. It still remains important, but the way in which outsourcing providers are using it is shifting. Consider this: Only 17.9 percent of contact centers’ handling times are shown to be decreasing, which initially looks bad. But with the context that fewer customers are needing to call in to contact centers since self-service options have improved, it makes sense that only the callers with more complex situations would be calling - and therefore taking more of agents’ time.

This is just one example, but as newer - and more - technology plants its roots within outsourcing providers’ businesses, the metrics that reflect business progress are going to change. In order to keep tracking what matters, it’s important to stay on top of all the tech systems in use and other outsourcing and consumer trends, or partner with a BPO provider who does.

   4. Data security continues its reign as the top goal

And then… there’s data security. Most outsourcing providers already make this a key priority, as we do at Conectys, but the changing tech landscape requires continual vigilance with cybersecurity. Forrester Research even recently named cybercriminals a top threat to IoT for 2019, and we believe this extends to business as well.

If you use a BPO provider, make sure they have all the latest certifications and a history of data security best practices across their entire organizations. This has been a primary differentiator for us at Conectys, and we take it very seriously.

Do you agree with our predictions? What do you think is on the horizon for BPO providers and the customers we serve? Contact us any time. We’d love to hear from you, and answer any questions you have about our services.



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