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Many companies first become interested in the advantages of outsourcing when they reach some sort of tipping point. This usually happens as a result of one of two things: 1) Volume has exceeded resources, or 2) Advanced expertise has become a requirement. Although these scenarios look different from company to company, the underlying mindset is almost always the same: “We need help and need to find it outside our own walls.”

Here are a few key indicators you might fall into this category, and may be ready for outsourcing:


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First, there were physical storefronts. Then came e-commerce. Now, there are both - and it can create a complex and competitive environment for companies that have both physical and digital presences. Technology, and the fact that customers can be standing in your brick and mortar store and surfing your website on their smartphones at the same time, has blurred the lines between physical locations and e-business channels. No longer are these entities separate, nor can they be treated discretely.


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Luxurious hotels. Sunny, lush grounds. Five-star restaurants with highly acclaimed chefs. So often, this is what comes to mind when someone thinks of the hospitality industry. And a lot of the time, these idyllic scenes are part of any tourism-related business owner’s day.

But, there can also be a darker side within the hospitality industry that insiders know all too well… customer complaints. In any business, complaints are never fun. But when so many of your customers choose you based on online reviews and ratings, like they do with hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines and the like, complaints can send your business into a tailspin.

What’s even worse is that travelers sometimes take their complaints to third party agencies such as the Better Business Bureau or regulatory agencies when they are beyond dissatisfied, extremely escalated or don’t know where else to turn. This can open a business up to financial damages, negative stories in the press, rumors on social media resulting in a bad reputation and a sharp decline in customers.


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Think about all the frustrations that can come with hiring, managing and retaining a group of people (your team members). If frustrations aren’t bad enough, high turnover and inadequate handling of your staff can cost your business in a big way. Case in point: One study found that the average cost of a single hiring error in 2017 was almost $15,000, so you can imagine how that number can quickly snowball and turn into a disastrous amount the more hiring mistakes you make.

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