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You don’t have to go far to hear the acronyms UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience) tossed around in boardrooms and strategy meetings - and for good reason. Both are incredibly important to customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention…all of which lead to sales, growth and success. Competition is fierce, and your customer experience can be the differentiator that sets you apart and bolsters your reputation.


work from anywhere service solutions

We often talk about our ‘work from anywhere’ solutions as a point of pride. This is because our workforce not only fills physical seats at brick-and-mortar locations, but we also have team members around the world who serve our customers from other places. We designed this model intentionally, so our customers would enjoy the many associated upsides. Read on to learn about what those are, and how they can benefit you. compress image 17


Does the following scenario sound familiar?

You’ve grown your business with all your heart, energy and resources. You’ve handpicked your team, and intentionally established a company culture you’re proud of. But now you’re growing rapidly, and can’t handle the demand with the current staff you have. You’re wondering if you should consider outsourcing. compress image 12

Through working with an array of clients across a spectrum of industries, we know all too well that every type of business deals with some seasonality in their sales. But few have as tough of an obstacle to overcome as medicare, which boils down to two words: open enrollment. This period of time usually starts in early November and ends in mid-December, and it’s the six weeks of the year in which healthcare companies get the lion’s share of their sales.

Think about that. With 52 weeks in the calendar year, these businesses rely on only six of those to make up the majority of their profits. So, can a company with this kind of operating model learn to thrive year-round - even during the other 46 weeks? Let’s look at the answer to this question (hint: it’s ‘yes’).

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