Monday, 27 November 2017 16:50

Is Your Customer a Promoter or a Detractor?


Many businesses neglect one aspect of marketing that’s integral to their development and growth which is gathering customer feedback. Customer feedback is essential in helping businesses understand what their customers are looking for, what they like, and dislike. Social media reviews, surveys, and focus groups, are great ways to gather customer feedback and will aid in the success of your business.

Monday, 20 November 2017 16:31

Put the Human Back in Customer Service

 Put the Human Back in Customer Service

In any business, regardless of industry, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Without happy customers, repeat revenue becomes all but impossible, and without sales an entire company can quickly crumble. There are many factors that comprise customer satisfaction, but a well-trained, personable customer service team is one of the keys that can make or break whether a customer continues to patronize your business.

Some modern solutions that companies have been adopting are customer service systems that involve virtual intelligence and automated prompts. And while A.I. and call routing can be useful tools in certain scenarios, too much automation can take the human element out of customer service – and this can wreak havoc on your customer satisfaction. Rather than more technology, most customers are craving more human connection. Here’s why – and how you can provide it.

Monday, 13 November 2017 16:02

How Do Your Employees Work Best?


It’s expected that people are varied in their skills and ability to interpret, learn, and process information. For people in the workforce it’s no different, and can be challenging when you factor in the following considerations:

  • Generational gaps
  • Company culture
  • Personality differences
  • Leadership styles
  • Individual adaptability and willingness to learn
  • Previous employment experience

Learning how employees work best can ensure managers and employees have a productive, healthy, and efficient working relationship. Additionally, this ensures you have the right people doing their best work and helping the company to grow from the inside out. A study found that 78% of hiring managers and CEO’s stated “personality” was a more important factor in hiring than skill set.

 3 Steps to Get Your Team On Board with Outsourcing

When you’re considering outsourcing some of your business processes to a third party, it’s not unusual for your leadership team to be excited about the shift. But it’s also just as common for the rest of your employees to feel some hesitation, or even downright resistance, to such a change. Whenever you make a move that impacts your personnel, it’s in everyone’s best interest to work through these roadblocks and be intentional about getting everyone on the same page. Unsure how to do this? Here are a few ideas.