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What are the most necessary elements you need in an outsourcing partner?

2020-10-13T11:28:31+03:00March 10th, 2020|Categories: Posts|Tags: , , , |

What we do now The de facto play on more effective user-generated content (UGC) moderation has been technology. The thinking is often: Get more tech to put towards these [...]

How do BPOs help drive customer loyalty for your customers?

2020-10-13T11:29:03+03:00March 9th, 2020|Categories: Posts|Tags: , , , , |

First: why is customer loyalty even important?  Aren’t the end financials of a business the most important metric to consider? Of course, those are often paramount. But even going [...]

What Do Customers Really Think About Your Brand?

2020-10-13T11:29:27+03:00March 5th, 2020|Categories: Posts|Tags: , , , |

Branding is one of the most critical parts of developing your business and the public perception of your company. Effective branding gives you a competitive edge by differentiating your company and [...]

5 Secrets to Superb Customer Satisfaction

2020-10-13T11:29:57+03:00March 2nd, 2020|Categories: Posts|Tags: , , , , |

Meeting, and exceeding, customer expectations is one of the key performance indicators of successful businesses to ensure customers don’t leave you for a competitor. Keeping customers is hands down [...]


2020-10-09T11:47:23+03:00February 29th, 2020|Categories: Announcements|Tags: , , , |

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – February 29, 2020 – Conectys was presented with a Silver Stevie® Award in the Contact Center or Customer Outsourcing Provider of the Year [...]

A Fool-Proof Formula for Wowing Customers from the First Phone Call

2020-10-13T11:30:18+03:00February 28th, 2020|Categories: Posts|Tags: , , , |

When one of your main channels of communication with your customers is the phone, there’s a lot riding on your ability to meet their needs via a single conversation. [...]

How APAC companies can evaluate scalable outsourcing options

2020-10-13T11:30:40+03:00February 28th, 2020|Categories: Posts|Tags: , , , |

BPOs and call center / content moderation outsourcing companies, such as ours, compete on a variety of factors. While we like to discuss them all (who doesn’t?), and we sometimes [...]

Shortcut Your Way to Better Customer Acquisition & Retention

2020-10-13T11:31:01+03:00February 25th, 2020|Categories: Posts|Tags: , , , |

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to invite someone to become a customer - or stay a customer? There are myriad factors that may contribute to these [...]

Davao City, the New Outsourcing Destination

2020-10-13T11:31:20+03:00February 13th, 2020|Categories: Posts|Tags: , , , , , , |

For the past few years, the Philippines has been climbing up through the ranks of top global outsourcing locations. So far, Manila has been the main destination for foreign [...]

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