Conectys boosts client portfolio with new retail partnership

Bucharest, Romania, September 30, 2015 – Conectys, the leader in global rightshoring services, today announced it has expanded its FMCG outsourcing client portfolio with the addition of a new, Asian-based, lifestyle and consumer goods retailer.

The client blends, packages and sells detoxifying plant-based beverages, counting itself among the top 5 brands in its specialism. The company brought together a vibrant and growing English-speaking community, and it began to search for an intrepid outsourcing supplier to transfer that energy onto select non-English speaking markets.

Conectys became the partner of choice, to deliver 1st Level customer support in French, German and Spanish over live chat, email and social media from its outsourcing call centre in Romania. The partnership benefits from remote training, a blend of client and provider tools, and a modern approach fit for the millennial audience.

With over 11 years of experience in multilingual outsourcing services across key industries, Conectys is primed to take on the client’s online communication channels and ensure a culturally-relevant and engaging customer experience. To that end, the offshoring supplier has recruited the best and brightest multilingual people, and has equipped them with the latest technologies and processes to meet and exceed the client’s SLAs.

Not only that, but by offering scheduled personalised communication, Quality Assurance reports, and Customer Satisfaction insights, Conectys continues to promote its signature outcome-oriented partnership model. The provider seeks to gather valuable customer feedback with minimal effort, and use it to fuel service and product innovation on both supplier- and buyer-side.

The FMCG outsourcing project is tailored to scale up at a short notice and Conectys is confident in its teams’ ability to resolve queries and delight customers in all the targeted geographies and more.

About Conectys

Conectys is a recognised leader in multilingual and multicultural outsourcing services. Its specialised outsourcing capabilities set it apart from its competitors and create brand value for global organisations. Conectys combines talented multilingual teams with effective quality processes and proven technology to deliver new levels of service personalisation and profitability.

Conectys has facilities in Belgium, Romania and the Philippines, as well as a secure Work from Home delivery system, providing a global footprint and international scale to telecommunications, finance, travel, hospitality, media and entertainment companies.

Conectys is ISO 9001:2008 certified and PCI DSS Compliant.