New Product Launch – Virtual Assistant

June 2010, Conectys launches a new product: Conectys has made public today, the addition of a new service to its portfolio. Virtual Assistant is a standardised, pure ‘catch and dispatch’ solution with the possibility to do live transfer of calls.   

The service is available in 20 languages, 24 / 7 and is tailored to all type of organization aiming to have a multilingual professional live switchboard service.

Customers can choose local, toll free or premium rate numbers in 50 countries and 4000+ cities on all 5 continents. Optionally, Conectys can also activate fax functionality on customers’ numbers, allowing them to receive emails and faxes on local numbers across the world.

About Conectys

Conectys is the leading provider of Multilingual Fraud Detections Services, Call Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Document Processing Services. Conectys combines multilingual people skills with leading edge software tools with proven processes. We deliver results at competitive cost levels.