Conectys Closes Fiscal Year 2008 with Continued Growth and strategic Customers wins

Sustained growth in revenue, profitability and customer base

January 15, 2009 - Conectys, the leader in Multilingual Fraud Detection, Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Center Services, again closed its Fiscal Year with positive results

Growth on all metrics and new services launched

The Conectys Group closed Fiscal Year 2008 with excellent financial results and healthy growth in revenue, profit and customer portfolio. Additionally, the Conectys group continued to expand its services portfolio by significantly strengthening its Fraud Detection Services. Key customers in this high growth industry were acquired, and Conectys’ leading FraudBreaker Fraud Detection Software has been expanded with unique features. A new web presence was also launched (visit for more) to tap into the vast Fraud Detection Software and Services market with enhanced focus.

The Multilingual Business Process Outsourcing and Multilingual Call Center Services business lines also recorded strong growth through new customer wins and through growth of existing contracts.

Overall, Conectys has continued to strengthen its position as the leader in its industry: Multilingual Outsourcing Services, and in particular Multilingual Fraud Detection Software and Services, Contact Center Services and Business Process Outsourcing Services.

The 2009 economic climate is favourable to Conectys’ activities, as Conectys enables significant cost savings through its Services. As a result, 2009 is projected to be another year of strong growth.

About Conectys

Conectys is the leading provider of Multilingual Fraud Detections Services, Call Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Document Processing Services. Conectys combines multilingual people skills with leading edge software tools with proven processes. We deliver results at competitive cost levels.