Conectys upgrades infrastructure redundancy

High availability supports mission critical customer operations

June 01, 2006 - Conectys, the leader in Multilingual Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Center Services, today announced the today successfully migrated its infrastructure to a highly secure and redundant model.

Current and future mission critical customer environments fully redundant

Conectys today announced a significant upgrade to its infrastructure, ensuring even higher systems and facility availability.

The main Conectys facilities are now equipped with dual fiber-optic connections, UPS and Diesel Generators guaranteeing increased business continuity levels.

The upgrades demonstrate Conectys' continued emphasis on operational quality and availability. This upgrade further increases Conectys' ability to offer mission critical services to its current and future customers.

These upgrades are especially important for Conectys' Banking Industry customers and some high Tech customers for whom Conectys operates high availability and mission critical back-office operations.

About Conectys

Conectys is the leading provider of Multilingual Fraud Detections Services, Call Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Document Processing Services. Conectys combines multilingual people skills with leading edge software tools with proven processes. We deliver results at competitive cost levels.